1 maggio 2011

Wikipedia a den of republicans?

source: freenewfashiondesign.com

Looks like Pippa Middleton is not “notable” enough for inclusion in Wikipedia. Or maybe she is, given that a previous nomination for deletion was rejected back in February, and that this one is headed towards the same outcome. Having worked already on the deletion process of Wikipedia, I always find amusing to read the arguments being used to support one decision over the other (usually to “keep” the page over “deleting” it), because they almost look like arguments a real lawyer would use. Of course any external viewer would deem this to be just a bunch of nerds playing lawyers in the court, but within the Wikipedia community it is an incredibly serious business, and all claims have to stand their validity against a large body of rules and policies.

Anyway, one thing is for sure: now we can add the royalists among the enemies of Wikipedia.